Reproduction rights

How do you calculate your reproduction rights?

Sabam publishes its own tariffs every year. The tariff can be found here.
These tariffs that are the result of a cooperation between different partners, have developed into a reference in Belgium for reproduction rights.

Graphic and visual arts tariff (NL version / FR version)


How are they collected?

The collection are made predominantly on the basis of authorisations given by Sabam.
Furthermore, periodic checks are carried out by authorised agents of Sabam who make a report in the event of unauthorised use.
The member of Sabam can also report any form of unauthorised production themselves.


What is the Sabam commission?

The Sabam commission for the collection and distribution of the reproduction rights is 20% of the collected rights.



The collected reproduction rights are transferred every three months (in March, June, September and December each year) to the accounts of the authors and/or copyright holders affiliated with Sabam.

And the reproductions created abroad?

Sabam has concluded reciprocity contracts with the authors' associations of the countries where authors' rights are recognised. The authors represented by Sabam therefore enjoy protection worldwide.

Overview of reciprocity agreements