Sabam strives to provide its authors with advice and assistance.

Furthermore there is the Sabam for Culture non-profit organisation. Through this non-profit organisation it demonstrates presence and support at innumerable fairs and large-scale events, such as the Music Industry Awards, the Ghent Film Festival, the World Soundtrack Awards, the Nekka Nacht, the Muzikantendag, de Eregalerij, etc.

Sabam also turns the focus onto its members from the various disciplines by means of various events that we organise ourselves.

Sabam also support film students with grants for creativity via the Soundscape Fund for Graduation Films or the Soundscape Fund for Feature Films. It thus endeavours to promote its dramatic repertoire. In this way the works of the Sabam repertoire can also be viewed online (Repertoire online). In addition, Sabam currently offers grants for community theatre under the management of OpenDoek.

Sabam for Culture

Its goal is the promotion, dissemination, development, protection and defence of the national music, culture and art repertoire of Sabam in the broadest sense of the word, i.a. through publications both in Belgium and abroad.

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Its philosophy

Sabam for Culture does not aim to gain a monopoly for the promotion of Belgian music, but to support the efforts of our creative artists and other organisations. These initiatives must be strongly valued and encouraged.

Sabam for Culture takes particular care, however, that finances for promotional purposes are only granted when the interests of the Sabam members are respected in the broadest possible sense. All self-interest is barred.

Sabam for Culture does not limit its activities to Belgium and is also active abroad. One example of this is its attendance at the MIDEM Cannes where it provides a complete infrastructure for the Sabam members wishing to participate.

Professional bodies

Through its active presence in numerous associations, Sabam also defends the interests of its members in a broader cultural and social context.

  • Sabam supports and maintains close contacts with the most important professional associations such as BSCG (film composers), Comav (composers of classical music), GALM (music authors and artists), FACIR (music artists), the Scenaristengilde, the Unie van Regisseurs, ARRF (Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices de Films), ASA (Association des Scénaristes de l'Audiovisuel), the Vlaamse Auteursvereniging and BMPA (music publishers).
  • As co-founder, Sabam participates in the meetings of the board of directors of PRO SPERE (the federation of creators and performers in the French-speaking audiovisual sector). It is also a member of the CSA's advisory board (Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel) and of the Comité de concertation du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel.
  • As a member of the Vlaamse sectorraad media, Sabam leaves its mark on audiovisual policy on behalf of its authors.
  • As a member of the Council for Intellectual Property, Sabam is the voice of all its authors and gives its position in legislative files concerning copyright.
  • Sabam is also a member of the copyright management organisations AUVIBEL (for private copying royalties) and REPROBEL (for public lending and reprography royalties).
  • Sabam participates in the consultation committees set up within the FPS Economy.
  • Sabam is a member of the board of directors of the Belgische Vereniging voor het Auteursrecht (BVA). It actively participates in meetings and discussions on legal issues relating to copyright and neighbouring rights.

Sabam also makes every effort to represent its members abroad in the best possible way.

  • Sabam is an active member of the multidisciplinary organisations CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) and GESAC (European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers).
  • It sits on the executive committee of BIEM (Bureau International des Sociétés gérant les droits d’enregistrement et de reproduction mécanique).
  • In the field of audiovisual work, Sabam actively participates in the meetings and working groups of the SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors).
  • In the field of Visual Arts, Sabam is a member of CIAGP (Conseil International des Créateurs des Arts Graphiques, Plastiques et Photographiques), EVA (European Visual Artists) and OLA (OnLineArt).