About Sabam

Who are we?

Sabam is the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

Its goal is the collection and distribution, administration and management (in the broadest sense of the word) of all authors' rights in Belgium and in the other countries where reciprocity agreements have been concluded (with our sister associations, i.e. with the other collective management organisations worldwide).

The private company Sabam is a collective management organisation that has adopted the legal form of a limited liability cooperative company (in Belgium: CVBA). It is therefore not a ministry or semi-governmental organisation.

The company that was founded in 1922 at the initiative of a number of authors today represents thousands of authors from all disciplines. Sabam is frequently associated only with music, but prides itself in it multidisciplinary character. It represents composers, text writers, publishers, playwrights, choreographers, directors, scriptwriters, dialogue writers, radio makers, translators, novelists, poets, cartoonists, illustrators, journalists, sculptors, painters, video filmers, photographers, graphic artists, etc.

This multidisciplinarity makes our association virtually unique worldwide.

Our mission

The mission states our reason for existence:

  • Sabam guarantees equitable compensation for the thousands of Belgian and foreign authors for whom we manage the rights. In complete transparency.
  • As a reference point within the creative sector, Sabam gives its clients quick and easy access to the world repertoire. In complete safety.

Our vision

The vision states where the organisation aims to be in the medium term:

  • As an indispensable instrument in the service of culture, Sabam pays excellent compensation of the use of its repertoire.
  • We constantly strive to achieve added value for the copyright holders/associates, the clients and employees, and therefore aim to:
    • Stand out as a symbol for high-quality service
    • Be the reference point for all copyright associations Belgium
    • Fulfil the social and cultural role for our copyright holders.
    • Offer profitable services, products and processes (ratio of cost to efficiency)
    • Be an attractive employer on the labour market
  • We furthermore wish to develop into an association whose added value is recognised by everyone. For this we plan to:
    • Develop European cooperations and licences
    • Be of service to the foreign copyright holders and their associations
    • Sell our services in order to minimise our costs

Our values

The values state how we as individual employees practice the company's vision. We perform our activities in line with six basic values:


Respect is a fundamental element of the organisation. Sabam and its employees respect one another's personality and background, and oppose prejudice and intolerance.

Team spirit

1+1=3. Everyone with his or her own talent brings out the best in everyone. Team spirit means lending one another a hand, when necessary, laughing and working together and putting the interests of the group before one's own interests.


Through its professionalism, Sabam strives to offer a clear added value to everyone concerned. Sabam offers tailor-made solutions to meet the identified needs and expectations.

Customer orientation

The Sabam approach guarantees fast and thorough service. Customers are received correctly, problems are solved and processes are adapted, where necessary, in order to better meet the needs of the customer.


Sabam interprets integrity as acting in accordance with written and unwritten values and standards which express notions such as righteousness, immunity, honesty, care, good faith, dependability and credibility.


Sabam fulfils its obligations towards its shareholders and towards society as a whole in a responsible manner.