International cooperation

Sabam also makes every effort to represent its members abroad in the best possible way.

Sabam is an active member of the multidisciplinary organisations: 

  • CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)

  • GESAC (European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers)

It sits on the executive committee of BIEM (Bureau International des Sociétés gérant les droits d’enregistrement et de reproduction mécanique).

In the field of audiovisual work, Sabam actively participates in the meetings and working groups of the SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors).

In the field of Visual Arts, Sabam is a member of CIAGP (Conseil International des Créateurs des Arts Graphiques, Plastiques et Photographiques), EVA (European Visual Artists) and OLA (OnLineArt).


Your rights abroad

As a member of Sabam, your authors’ rights are not only represented in Belgium, but also abroad. This is done by the foreign authors’ associations with which we have concluded reciprocity agreements.

In concrete terms, this means a foreign authors’ association will make every effort to invoice your authors’ rights locally when your works are used on its territory. These rights are then transferred to Sabam so we can then distribute them to you.

For information about your rights abroad and a list of the countries with which we have signed reciprocity agreements, please see below:

Overview of Reciprocal Contracts