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Authors' right

Authors' right (NL) - (FR)

Artist's statute

Social Statute - Brochure (NL) - (FR)

General Information on the system of 15% taxation on authors' rights (NL) - (FR)

How do your fill in your tax declaration for your authors' rights in 2015? (assessment year 2016) (NL) - (FR)

Declaration 273S on withholding tax (NL) - (FR)

273S attachment (NL) - (FR)

Documents relating to authors' right legislation:

Royal Decree implementing the Act of 4 December 2006 on the implementation in Belgian law of Directive 2001/84/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 September 2001 on the resale right of an author of an original work of art (NL) - (FR)

Royal Decree on the remuneration rights for public lending of the authors, interpreting or performing artists, producers of phonograms and producers of first fixations of films (NL) - (FR)

Royal Decree on the remuneration due to authors and publishers for the copying by graphic or similar means of works for private or didactic use (NL) - (FR)

Royal Decree on the right to remuneration for the copying for private use for the authors, performing artists and producers of phonograms and audiovisual works (NL) - (FR)

Legal publications and changes to texts and laws:

European Memorandum - Elections 2014 (28 February 2014) (NL) - (FR)

Federal Memorandum 2014-2015 (28 February 2014) (NL) - (FR)

Community Memorandum - Elections 2014 (28 February 2014) (NL) - (FR)

GESAC comments on the proposed guideline for collective management (26 October 2012) (NL) - (FR)

Federal Memorandum 2011 - 2012 (January 2012) (NL) - (FR)

SABAM dossier: For equitable remuneration for creativity on the Internet (2011) (NL) - (FR)

SABAM - European memorandum 2010 (November 2010)