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Statutes and regulations

The document 'Statutes and General Regulations' contains our rules of procedure and also governs the relationship with our associates.
All new members receives a copy of this document. With the signing of the membership agreement, they accept these rules of procedure.

Statutes and regulations (NL) - (FR)

Corporate governance and the Code of Ethics

In 2010 the Board of Directors approved a Corporate Governance Charter and in the execution of this Charter adopted a Code of Ethics for the board members.

With the exception of the General Assembly, the various organs of Sabam are not clearly described by law or by our statutes, so that optimum decision-making may be jeopardised.

The Corporate Governance Charter helps overcome this obstacle. It defines good corporate management and brings all the decision-making organs of our association into line and describes their function and powers. The Charter includes all existing organs such as the Board of Directors, the Committee for Daily Operations, the Colleges, the various commissions and the Executive Committee, as well as the recently established organs such as the remuneration and appointment committee. It forms a useful complement to our statutes and Global Agreement and answers the demand for more transparency as provided for the act of 10 December 2009 on the statute and control or management organisations. The Charter provides for a voluntary subjection of the directors to a Code of Ethics. This is an important decision belonging to the exclusive powers of the Board of Directors and which will almost certainly boost the trust of our associates, the personnel and the users of our repertoire, as well as strengthening the image of our association with the general public.

The Board of Directors is obliged to oversee strict observance of the Corporate Governance Charter, to evaluate its application in practice at regular intervals and, if necessary, to adapt the Charter.

The adoption of this Charter is a very important decision in honour of the association and testifies to a professionalism of which it can be justifiably proud.

Corporate governance charter (NL) - (FR)

Code of Ethics (NL) - (FR)